The yoga clothing market reaches 47.9 billion US dollars, which is the next niche flashpoint for cross-border sellers

Jan 13, 2021

The yoga clothing market reaches 47.9 billion US dollars, which is the next niche flashpoint for cross-border sellers

In the past ten years, yoga has gained significant popularity worldwide. Yoga classes are crowded with millennials who choose this form of fitness instead of going to the gym. There are many reasons, including stress reduction, which makes the body strong through stretching and relaxation.

   In early 2019, Nike launched a new yoga series. This series has both men's and women's clothing, including sweatpants, tops, underwear and sweatshirts. To cope with this new development, Nike has launched a new app "Enhance Your Training with Yoga", which provides its users with a series of yoga tutorials to meet their yoga goals. The major yoga clothing retailers in the market include Lululemon Athletica, Under Armor, Manduka, Amer Sports, ASICS, Columbia, Hanesbrands, HuggerMugger, La Vie Boheme Yoga and YogaDirect.

  According to a report by Technavio Research, in the past ten years, yoga as a fitness activity has gained great popularity globally, especially in North America. The popularity of yoga continues to increase, especially in the United States and Canada. People choose yoga and meditation for many reasons, including the need to relieve stress, increase flexibility, comprehensive fitness, and overall health development. This increase in awareness has affected global sales of yoga clothing, yoga equipment and accessories.

   Market size

  Yoga clothing manufacturers are constantly evolving to achieve better customer satisfaction, using technology and innovation to improve their products. In fact, in the past 15 years, the yoga clothing industry has undergone several major changes in the types of yoga clothing produced. Their efforts are bearing fruit, which indicates that the market value of the global yoga clothing market is expected to reach 47.9 billion US dollars by 2025.
Adhering to the principle of quality first, the manufacturer of Dibao yoga clothes has continuously provided high-end yoga clothes with high cost-effectiveness to customers around the world for 9 consecutive years.

   The global yoga clothing market is divided into men, women and children. As more and more women use yoga as a regular fitness option, women occupy a major share of the global yoga market. In addition, yoga clothing is penetrating mainstream and sports and leisure clothing, further expanding the overall growth in this field.

   Other factors contributing to the rise of the global yoga clothing market include increased health and fitness awareness, the increase in the number of yoga instructors and yoga training institutions, the increase in disposable income, and the increase in the number of yoga clothing manufacturers.


   Based on products, the global yoga clothing market is divided into yoga shorts, yoga pants, yoga tights, yoga tops and yoga leggings. In 2017, yoga pants accounted for most of the market share with a market share of 36.1%. There are many types of these styles, including traditional flared pants and smooth yoga pants. The key elements of all yoga pants are high elasticity and flexibility. Their comfort level makes them popular mainstream clothing.

  Retailers are now committed to producing innovative, performance-based yoga clothing through advanced manufacturing technology to stand out in the fierce market competition and improve user satisfaction.

   What is the growth rate of the yoga wear category in the apparel sector in the past few years? What is the main difference with other sportswear?

  Yoga, as an activity, has grown tremendously in the past five years, and consumers are now investing in yoga mats and specialized yoga clothing. The main difference between yoga clothing and other sportswear is the material and comfort. Yoga clothing needs natural breathable fibers like cotton, and the size must be comfortable and not tight. On the other hand, the ordinary sportswear market is flooded with tight-fitting synthetic polyester clothing.

  What are the key elements of yoga clothing?

  Yoga clothes must be natural and breathable. The styling must be comfortable, stretchable, and flexible so that it can support users in various yoga asanas.

  What is the new innovation in the production of yoga clothes?

  Yoga clothing is actually a return to basics and traditions, not innovations. In fact, the products on the market are often pure organic cotton clothing.

   What is the average size of the yoga clothing market? How does it grow?

  The yoga clothing market has reached around 3 billion rupees (approximately US$42.18 million) in India alone and is growing at a rate of 30% per year. Judging from the current consumer behavior, yoga clothes are mainly targeted at first-tier cities, but in the near future, second- and third-tier cities will have greater growth potential.

   Having said that, online retail is the driving medium for this category, because the space is a niche market that is mainly driven through social media channels. More than 70% of revenue comes from online sales. At present, more and more yoga instructors and fitness coaches have also begun to invest in the yoga clothing and fitness clothing industry, set up their own yoga brand or fitness brand, choose Dibao yoga clothing manufacturer, produce high-quality yoga clothing for customers and promote customers’ Brand!

  Why is this category only dominated by a few innovative brands and startups? Why are no companies paying attention to this market segment?

   Large companies do not pay attention to this field. There are two reasons: first, the market size is not so large yet, and it is still growing slowly; secondly, the current yoga clothing market is a quality-focused market, while most large companies focus on market quantity and distribution.

   What is the future outlook of the yoga clothing market?

   I believe that as more and more people begin to practice yoga, people are beginning to pay attention to comfortable and fashionable yoga clothes. This places extremely high demands on yoga clothes manufacturers and designs, but this trend will become the mainstream.
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