October - November 2021 freight surge under the market

Nov 09, 2021
According to the United States DHL transport statistics show: 

The backlog of container ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach counted on Oct 19th was 100 ships waiting to enter and unload, with another 45 ships expected to arrive at the ports shortly.

The ports are running out of space and containers are pilling up at docks because delivery is heavily delayed due to lack of rail cars, shortage of truckers and a chassis deficit.

The twin ports said in a statement this week that arriving containers scheduled to be moved by truck will be allowed to stay for 9 days before fines start accruing. Containers set to move by rail can stay at the ports for 3 days. After that, ocean carriers will be charged USD 100 per container, increasing in USD 100 increments per container per day, the statement said.

According to the express delivery in the second half of the year, if American buyers need to customize the purchase of products before the New Year, to increase market share.
 Then you need to be prepared in advance to wait for the long transportation service.

Are you ready for the orders now to get a head start on the market before anyone  else 

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