How to start your yoga practice? (6 suggestions for beginners)

Dec 16, 2020
How to start your yoga practice? (6 suggestions for beginners)

Deciding to practice yoga is the first step, but many people are stuck here! If you have decided to start practicing, congratulations, today's article is to tell you how to start practicing yoga!

6 suggestions for beginners!

1. Choose a yoga genre

Here you need to do a small survey. There are many yoga classes. If you take some yoga classes that don't suit your personality and physical condition, don't practice.
Take a moment to learn about the genres of yoga. For most beginners, Hatha Yoga is more suitable, depending on whether you want a slow or fast class. These are the basic types, and you can try newer yoga schools in the future.

2. Find a yoga studio

You can find a yoga studio near you online. Choose a place close to your home or company. Make sure you start with a basic yoga course. Many gyms also have yoga classes. If you are already working out in the gym, it is also a good choice to start with the yoga class in the gym.
Find a good teacher so you can keep practicing. If you don't like that teacher in the first class, keep trying to find one you like.

3. Know what to bring
On the first day, you don’t need to bring anything except yourself and some comfortable, breathable clothes. Get to know the basic yoga equipment, maybe you will use it later. Most yoga studios have yoga mats.

4. Find a girlfriend to practice yoga together

It is more difficult for one person to keep practicing. It is recommended that you find a girlfriend to go to yoga class together, supervise each other, and you can also apply for a secondary card for two people to use together.
5. Don't bring your mobile phone to class

Mobile phones have a lot of radiation, so yoga class is just to relax. Keep your phone locked in a cabinet. If you still can't help but bring it in, be sure to shut it down, in flight mode or silent (don't shake).

6. What if there is no yoga studio nearby

There are many good yoga books and yoga videos, but they can't replace face-to-face learning with teachers. That is to say, if you cannot go to a yoga class, it is recommended to follow the beginner yoga video practice first, this will be more visual than reading a book.

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